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"Who Else Wants FREE Shares In An Internet Company Worth Billions?"

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Before I explain our program, let me ask you a serious question. Would you have joined Yahoo, MSN, or Google when they started if they promised you a piece of their company??

Of course you would have!! Even if you just owned 1/1,000,000th of any one of those internet giants, you would have several hundred (or even thousand) shares of stock worth quite a bit of money (not to mention dividends and profit sharing along the way).

Now... think for a second. Where do these internet giants get the majority of their revenues from? Advertising!!! That's right...advertising.

Advertising pays their bills. Advertising helped them grow. Advertising generated their profits. In fact - there would be no internet, as we know it today, without advertising.

And who reads these ads? You do of course! You read the ads - they make the profit - you make nothing at all!! It really is that simple. Until now!!

Our program will change the face of the internet, but we need partners to do that. And what will our partners have to do? Download a simple viewbar - Surf the internet as you usually would -that's it - unless you decide you want to do more...and earn more.


AGLOCO is the re-venture of the AllAdvantage Viewbar concept. AGLOCO is a company that is owned by its members. By joining for free you can claim your share of the company and start earning money for surfing the internet. There is no cost.

The video below was created in early 2000 The founders of the company explain the concept of an "infomediary" and how it benefits members by gathering and protecting their private data while leveraging it to gain benefits from marketers and advertisers.


Interview with AK MAvani & Ray Everett Church


Agloco - own the internet

Member ID Number BBBY3868


Making money on the net has never been so EASY!

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From the same people that owned 'AllAdvantage' in 1999 that paid out OVER ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS to their FREE Members

No clicking

Surf the internet as you usually would

Simple viewbar displays on your computer screen at the bottom :

See how it looks when surfing around the internet :

It's no different than a google toolbar. It's no different then having a norton icon on your desktop.

You get your own referral url.

Join and tell others.

Why not GET PAID for the time you are online!

You get your own private AGLOCO?member area so you can see your stats and always know how much money you have made!


For more detailed information about Agloco

Below are links to many of the places I use to learn or update myself on AGLOCO and where I send potential new members to go read about AGLOCO.
My suggestion is that you use this as best you can and more importantly you send it on to the AGLOCO referrals you personally know and let them use it and send it on.

Here goes:

Are there sitesto send potential new members to read about why to join AGLOCO?
Is it really happening?
Is it too late to join and do well?
Do you have a good referral plan I can read?
AGLOCO economics spelled out (how much money can I make
Is it spyware?
Can you give me a good email to send to friends?
Can you tell me what to say to someone in person?
I want to create a blog to send people to ??do you have some good samples?
Success Stories?

Please read as many as you have time for. And try to remember to forward on to you direct AGLOCO team.

Roger Chin

Take The Internet Back